What is KickStart

The need for, and the critical role of the private sector in helping to grow an all-inclusive economy is one that forward-thinking large enterprises such as the South African Breweries  (SAB) built a business case for and actively pursued as early as the 1970s, long before government’s B-BBEE legislation.

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2011 National Winners

The business category comprises of the top 3 businesses that are further along the Business Life Cycle that have been judged to have made the best out of the opportunity of winning grants and mentorship at regional level to grow their business.

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2011 National Finalists

The SAB KickStart Competition 2011 National Finalists were a group of impressively innovative young South Africans who have been awarded the opportunity, by SAB KickStart, to elevate the success of their businesses by receiving business skills training and mentoring and funding. 

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Social Media

The use of social media, for any business, is imperative as it allows for better reach; it is faster and has the capacity to reach a wider network of people.

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Events Calendar

  • 14 May
    14 May 2012 to 30 Jun 2012

    The SAB KickStart competition opens! From this date until the 29th June 2012, young black South Africans men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 who are hardworking, energetic and dedicated individuals,

  • 02 Jul
    02 Jul 2012 to 31 Jul 2012

    The selection of top 20 to undergo gruelling interview session begins. Part of this will include choosing top 10 candidates in each region that will undergo the business skills training for duration of

  • 01 Oct
    01 Oct 2012 to 31 Oct 2012

    The regional adjudication process begins on this date across the country. Participants will get to present their business plan to a panel of adjudicators, after receiving a targeted intervention from the

14 May - 31 Jul
01 Oct - 31 Oct

Apply Now

Entrepreneurship can be challenging, especially if there aren’t sufficient resources available. For an entrepreneur to succeed, they need to gain the correct knowledge and expertise. SAB KickStart competition offers a bouquet of services, including training, funding, and mentorship and market linkages to assist entrepreneurs to grow, especially the youth.

SAB KickStart is serious about youth business and we believe that success is a way of thinking. 

So fast track the growth of your business today and APPLY NOW.

Thought Leadership

“Serious about Youth Business.”
With about 42% unemployed youth, the South African government needs more than just a wing and a prayer to deal with this epidemic and related issues. Therefore, the involvement of government and related agencies in supporting the development of entrepreneurs is quite pivotal in the addressing of poverty, youth unemployment and related issues.

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Three Reasons Why South Africa’s Future Rests with Opportunity Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has spurred a number of economies in the last few decades from regular developing countries to developed country status with economic growth levels that have had a major dent on poverty and inequality.

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